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Quick Tip from PGA Teaching Professional Chris Peterson

Greenside Bunker Shot

At Stoneridge GC you better know how to hit the ball out of the bunker or your scores and frustrations may be plentiful.  I’m not going to pretend I could teach you how to hit the perfect bunker shot in one small article but, I would love to give you a few helpful hints so you could feel good about going out and practicing this sort of shot.


1.  Set up to the ball in the middle of your stance with your feet wide apart and knees very flexed to make your center of gravity very low to the ground.  Keep your club face square to the target at address but open up your stance and body.  Now take a good full swing to make sure your club gets through the sand.


2.  Pretend the ball is on top of a dollar bill and you are trying to slide your highest lofted wedge underneath the bill and out of the sand, not hitting the ball but sliding underneath it. 




This shot takes practice but isn’t as difficult as you may think once you trust it.  Practice this shot at the members chipping green at back of range or sign up for one of my short game clinics on Wednesday nights at 5:00 to learn.  Have fun!


Chris Peterson, PGA



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