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Pro Tip 6/2/14

Pre-shot Routine


One way to help yourself become a more consistent golfer is to develop and practice your pre-shot routine.  A big part of that pre-shot routine should be visualizing the ball flight and knowing exactly where you want to land the ball, no matter how long or short the shot.  This thought process should be as precise as possible starting with the target, swing, contact, trajectory, ball landing, and ball ending.  This helps in many ways no matter the level of golfer and the key components it helps with is:


  1. Gives you a feel for your shot and proper swing to make for that shot

  2. Gets you focused on the positive outcome of your shot not so much those scary negative outcomes that seem to always creep in. 


Just make sure to be consistent with visualizing your shot and pre-shot routine when practicing or playing.  Quite often an overlooked part of the game but very important.   

See you on the course,



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