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Quick Golf Tip by Chris Peterson, PGA

Make the pressure putt:

We’ve all been on the practice green pretending to sink a putt to win the US Open or the Masters.  I do this all the time, it’s fun but is it really putting enough pressure on you to feel the same way you might on the course for that big time must make putt.  Here’s a drill that could do this for you:  Around the World

Place 4 balls on each side of the cup about 5 feet away.  You have to make all four in a row before you can ever leave the practice green.  If this is isn’t giving you quite enough pressure, make it a 6 foot putt.


You need to give your body the same feeling you might have over that pressure putt on the course and when you make that fourth putt, you’ll have the confidence that you know you can make it.




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