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A Few Holiday Cooking Tips from StoneRidge Catering & Events

The Holidays are always full of high-stress, last minute planning, lack of oven space, and unnecessary prep work.


Here are a couple of tips to help save some time and sanity over the holiday season:
  • Print out or write all recipes and tape them to your overhead cabinets in your kitchen. Nothing is worse than having a recipe soiled in liquid, ripped, or misplaced during one of the biggest hosting days of the year.
  • Bake your Holiday Stuffing in muffin tins to ensure every guests gets a crispy muffin top and they are evenly cooked. This trick will help with baking time as well!
  • Slow roast your turkey over night - you'll need the oven space the day of!
  • Prep all of your vegetables a day or two before the day of the event. You'll really appreciate the extra counter space, not to mention the clean, ready-to-use equipment!
  • Boil you potatoes WHOLE and with the skin on. After the potatoes become fork-tender, let them cool in an ice bath and peel away. The skin will literally slide right off. No peeling necessary!
  • Cleaning vegetables in bulk is no fun. If entertaining for a massive group, rinse all potatoes and other root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and beets in the dishwasher on a quick rinse cycle (with NO SOAP). Frees you up to focus on another recipe item and once they're done, cook away!
  • Signature cocktails are always nice for your guests upon being greeted at your front door. Something festive like a cranberry & rosemary spritzer or apple whiskey cider will get the Holiday cheer going as everyone arrives.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, remember that you have the vision for entertaining your guests, NOT your guests. Don't stress over the missing ingredient in an item or missed side item all together. Your guests will be none the wiser and you will have survived another holiday season!

Any questions or to book your next event please call our Director of Catering and Events, Amanda Brown has brought her 15 years of culinary and operational experience since February of 2016.


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