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Annual Membership Fees 

Single memberships are defined as one individual. Couples memberships are defined as a member and his/her spouse or a member and his/her child under the age of 23.


Considerable savings are available when you pay your annual membership fee upfront when joining or renewing your StoneRidge Golf Club membership. All membership fees are subject to tax.


 StoneRidge Membership

  • Annual Fee Paid in Advance: Single = $4,250 (plus tax)  Couple = $4,800 (plus tax)
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Single = $415/Month (plus tax) Couple = $470/Month (plus tax)


Junior Executive Membership - under the age of 35          
  • Junior Executive Single = $2,125 (plus tax)
  • Junior Executive Couple = $2,575 (plus tax)

The Junior Executive Membership is only available to individuals under the age of 35. For a Junior Executive Couples Membership, both members must be under the age of 35. No monthly payment options is available for Junior Executive Memberships. Only half lockers are available for Junior Executive Members for an additional fee (limited availability). Junior Executive Members are NOT ELIGIBLE for banquet room fees to be waived.



Corporate Membership           
  • An Initial Investment of $4,000 (“Annual Minimum Fee”) must be deposited (“Annual Deposit’) with StoneRidge in order to qualify for special corporate pricing and User privileges.



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